Monday, August 22, 2011

How turn off update notifications in the Android Market 3.0

Quick Answer: You can't. Voice your opinion here.

The other day I upgraded the Android Market to version 3.0 (currently 3.0.27) on my HTC Droid Incredible.  It's quite a bit different from the previous version with the main thing being it has screens with more featured apps and so forth.  Apart from that, the Android app market generally sucks.

So after I upgraded the Android Market, I noticed that I started to receive notifications of updates of apps I currently had installed.  I remember turning off that setting previously since it's really annoying especially since some Android apps like to update frequently.

So after a little digging, it seemed like there wasn't a setting to turn off update notifications in Android Market 3.0.  Here is a link to a forum post which discusses the change (there are many related forum posts).

Among the reasons why this change sucks:
  • User want to chose to not be notified about updates
  • Users don't want to update some apps (there are many reasons why) and don't want to be notified of updates
  • Users report poor battery life because of update notifications

I followed these steps to downgrade to the factory version the Android Market which shipped with my phone:
  • The first step is to launch Settings from your home screen.
  • Once you are in the settings menu, tap on Applications then Manage Applications.
  • Now tap on the All tab at top and scroll down to Market app.
  • Once you can see the Market app, tap to select.
  • From the resulting options menu, tap on uninstall updates.

I now have Android Market version 1.82 and I have turned off update notifications and I feel great.

UPDATE September 19, 2011: My HTC Droid Incredible was recently upgraded to Android version 2.3.4.  Unfortunately the Android Market version remains at 3.0.27.  I followed the same steps as specified and now I am running Android Market version 2.3.4 with update notifications turned off.