Friday, June 24, 2011

Thinking ahead to the future of consumer mirrorless and DSLR cameras

Thinking ahead and as a DSLR owner as well as a cell phone owner, 2 things dawn on you once you own your first DSLR:
  • Holy crap, the image quality of my DSLR kicks ass.  I will never go back to point and shoot sensors ever again.
  • Holy crap, this whole size and weight thing is inconvenient.
Which is why I think mirrorless lens cameras are the future.

The future meaning, I think they will take significant marketshare from DSLR's.  Cell phone cameras will continue to improve which will eat into the lower end point and shoot market.  Costs in turn will come down for mirrorless cameras and technology will improve.  With the latest generation of Panasonic micro four thirds cameras, mirrorless cameras now have auto-focus speeds which rival DSLR's.

The opening paragraph to this review of the Sony NEX 5 I just read pretty much sums it up:
Here was my dilemma: I love photography and want to have a camera with me as often as possible, but carrying a DSLR at all times is less than practical. But I want better image quality than most cellphones and point-and-shoots are capable of. Thankfully, a new segment of cameras has appeared on the market that bridges the gap between these two types of cameras… small enough to fit in your pocket, but no sacrifice in image quality. With large image sensors and interchangeable lenses, these cameras offer much of a DSLR’s functionality but with a much smaller physical footprint.