Tuesday, June 28, 2005

iTunes 4.9 and Odeo

I've tried Odeo and most recently iTunes.

I was excited about Odeo because thus far there haven't been any decent ways of finding podcasts. How wrong I could be. Odeo is equally as difficult. The only thing going for it is the potential ability for common man to create podcasts. ie. Do what Blogger did to blogging.

I've also tried iPodder but that was poor too.

I guess my main concern is that I want download individual shows. I don't want to "Subscribe" to shows just yet unless I really like the show. Also, with the case of the podcast I listen to most, IT Conversations, I only ever get individual shows.

iTunes 4.9 does that. I can "Get" individual shows.

Here's a screen shot of what I mean. Here I have downloaded the latest 2600 podcast and I have the choice to get whichever show I like from IT Conversations.

iTunes 4.9 also have an excellent system for finding podcasts. Thank UI very much.

UPDATE (14/July/2005 @ 10am):

In response and clarification to comments from Ed.

- True, Odeo does allow you to download individual episodes. You go to that channel page, and queue up the show for download or click on the individual show to download it. When you are "Subscribed" to a show, it does not allow you to specify which individual show to download. There are only global "Syncr" settings. With iTunes, my global settings for my subscriptions are to check for new episodes every day. But when new episodes are available, to do nothing so that I can "Get" whichever one I like.

- Yes, iTunes does have organisation. Just click on "Podcasts", "Podcast Directory". If you want to delve deeper, there are categories on the left hand side of that page. Also, for tags to be effective, they must also support nesting, the same way that del.icio.us does. It's a very messy implementation.

- True, iTunes lacks community. Thank you for your solitary point.

As is the democracy of the internet, if I like the Odeo community, I can participate and use it to find podcasts. I will however, continue to use iTunes to organise my feeds unless Odeo offers me a better UI experience.